Creating stronger Nordic civil societies by increasing cooperation

We enable cooperation and sharing of knowledge among a broad range of Nordic civil society actors within the social area – by doing this, we aim to make the Nordic civil societies better equipped for addressing current social challenges that are shared across the region.

The project is funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers.


The platform is made up of five networks. Each network has a specific focus (i.e., a specific social challenge or an organisational issue) and functions as a digital meet-up where the participants can share knowledge and discuss relevant topics. Each network will engage around 20-40 civil society organisations.

Each network has a lead organisation with the responsibility of running a set of meetings to support the sharing of knowledge, experience, and inspiration. The lead organisations come from all five Nordic countries.


In 2021 the first ever Nordic Summit for Civil Society was held. Throughout the whole year more than 250 experts, civil society organisations and decision-makers took part in the summit process that ended up with 11 recommendations for strengthening Nordic civil society. One of them being to build a platform for cooperation. Throughout 2023 more than 100 organisations took part in workshops that have helped shape the content and structure of the platform, and in 2024 five theme-specific networks will launch and enable knowledge sharing for a big number of civil society organisations within the social area.

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