The platform consists of five theme-sepcific networks that each provide a unique opportunity to connect and learn more from your Nordic peers.

All networks will meet online 3-4 times throughout 2024. It is free to participate, and your organization can take part in multiple networks.

Find out more about the five networks below.

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#1 Volunteering – Recruiting and motivating volunteers

Are you working with volunteer recruitment, and in need of inspiration and solutions on how to recruit and motivate in a multifaceted voluntary environment? This is your opportunity to become a member of a Nordic network of peers from voluntary social organisations in which we will share knowledge, experiences, tools, and inspiring practises on how to recruit, retain and motivate volunteers in a new era of volunteering. We will look at overall tendencies but with an emphasis on local practises and solutions in voluntary social organisations in the Nordic countries.

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#2 Political impact – Skills for political representation of interest

Are you dedicated to support the rights of groups in vulnerable positions and seeking ways to enhance your impact on social policy? Join our network of civil society organizations to exchange valuable insights, skills, and collaborative strategies. Engage with your peers to share knowledge and practices and foster a community dedicated to navigating the complexities of advocating for social change.

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#3 Digital inclusion

How do you perceive the impact of the digitalization of Nordic societies on the inclusion of individuals in vulnerable situations? The potential for exclusion in this digital shift raises concerns about the marginalization of various groups, ultimately fostering unequal welfare states that prioritize those with digital skills. Join this network to contribute with your knowledge and gain valuable insights into how we can create an inclusive digitalization.

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#4 Partnerships – Cocreation and cooperation with municipalities

Are you curious about the collaboration between civil society and the welfare state? Maybe concerned about the increasing burden on social organizations that are sometimes taken for granted by welfare states? Delve into the complexities of partnerships and collaborations that bind Nordic societies together by becoming a part of this network

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#5 Combating loneliness

Are you concerned about the growing issue of loneliness impacting diverse groups, including the young, unemployed, and seniors? Dive into a this network that addresses this challenge head-on. Explore the crucial role of the civil society in combatting loneliness and promoting social inclusion.

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