Can one organization take part in multiple networks?

Yes, the same organization can take part in multiple networks. It all depends on whether there are more networks that are relevant and that you have the time to take part and contribute to them.

Can one person take part in multiple networks?

We recommend that one person only takes part in one network and thus focus their energy and effort on the theme they are most interested in.

Can multiple people from the same organization be part of the same network?

No, there can only be one person representing an organization in a network.

How much time should I use?

For all networks it applies that you (as a minimum) must take part in all 3-4 meeting held throughout the year. Other than that, it will depend on the specific network you are part of. You can read more about the specific expectations for all five networks at “the five networks”-section on this page or click here.

Which organizations are relevant?

The platform is for civil society organizations that works specifically with and/or for persons in socially vulnerable positions. In this way the platform accommodates many different organizations, which can contribute with many different perspectives.

For whom is it relevant?

In general terms the networks are relevant for people working in a civil society organization within the social area, but each network is focused on people with specific interests and responsibilities.

Is it free?

It is free to be a part of the Platform.

Which language will be spoken at the meetings?

For the online meetings in each network the spoken language will be English as the organizations that will contribute are nations across the Nordic countries, that do not necessarily speak/understand the Scandinavian languages.

What do I gain from the Nordic civil society platform?

In general terms you will expand your network with people who work in a voluntary organization in the social area in the Nordic countries and acquire more knowledge. Each network has a specific focus area, which means that you will have a common interest in your network, where you will have the opportunity to share concrete solutions, knowledge, and experiences.

Where will the network meetings take place?

The network meetings are conducted online. Each network responsible will guide you through the process and ensure you’re notified via email.

When can I expect details about upcoming meetings?

Prior to your scheduled meeting, the network responsible will contact you with all the relevant information regarding the meeting. These details will be sent to the email address you provided upon network registration.

Who is responsible for the network I’ve sign up for?

You can find information about each network responsible here and gain access to their contact details.

Can I join a network without prior registration?

Missed the registration deadline but still eager to join a network? Feel free to contact the network responsible directly (contact details available here) to ask about availability and potential participation in the specific network.