Find the date and time for the workshop in your country and sign up to shape the content of the platform.

What is the purpose of the workshops?
The workshop is your chance to shape the design and influence the focus areas of the Nordic platform for Civil Society. At the workshop you will meet individuals from other organisations in the social area from your country that are interested in Nordic cooperation, and you will learn more about the Platform (purpose, structure etc.)

The workshops will be hosted across the Nordic region to ensure that the Nordic Platform for Civil Society in the social area meet the needs of the Nordic civil society organisations working in the social area.

Who should participate?
Relevant organisations are working specifically with and/or for persons in socially vulnerable positions. There can only be one participant per organization. The representative from your organization could be a manager or leading employee with responsibility for programs, projects, or development. However, the participant’s title is less essential. The participant’s understanding of the organization’s needs regarding Nordic cooperation, ability to integrate learnings from platform cooperation into the organization, and authority to speak on the organizations behalf in this situation are more important.

During the workshop, group discussions will primarily take place in the local language of the host country, while the plenary session will be conducted in English or a Scandinavian language.

Furthermore, the language of the Civil Society Platform itself will be English to facilitate broad participation from individuals and organizations throughout the region.

When and where?
The precise date, time and location for each country are listed below.

Workshop for Icelandic organizations:

Date: 13/04/23, 10.00-14.00

Place: Sigtúni 42, 105 Reykjavík


Workshop for Norwegian organizations:

Date: 04/05/23, 09.00-13.00

Place: Oslo


Workshop for Finnish organizations:

Date: 12/05/23

Place: Helsinki


Workshop for Swedish organizations:

Date: 16/05/23

Place: Stockholm


Workshop for Danish organizations:

Date: 23/05/23, 10.00-14.00

Place: Ny Kongensgade 10, 1472 Copenhagen


Workshop for Ålanders, Greenlanders and Faroese organizations:

Date: To be decided

Place: Online