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The internet is changing. The question remaining is who do we deem fit to design and produce our future digital lifeworld?

We missed our chance with the development of web2. This time around we need a broad alliance to inform and impact the future internet. And imprint it with the visions and values that we find worth protecting and fighting for.

An alliance of the willing and able to promote better metaliteracy amongst Nordic decision makers as well as citizens, to innovate futureproof political policies for a responsible metaverse, and to share and demonstrate the use cases that truly support meaningful experiences with metaverse-affiliated technologies like VR, AR & XR.

It is time to establish an arena where we create and pursue new value propositions for the metaverse based on conversations and ideas from across the Nordics and traversing the private, public and civic sector.

Webinar hosts:

  • Sofie Hvitved, Futurist and Senior Advisor, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
  • Christian Ingemann, Director of Development, Tænketanken Mandag Morgen


Four things you can expect to take-away from the webinar:

  • The vision, ambition and value proposition of The Nordic Metaverse Alliance.
  • What kind of governance model is being developed.
  • Workplan for key initiatives in 2023.
  • How your organisation can take part moving forward.


The Nordic Metaverse Alliance – Webinar is free of charge and registration is required. Register at The Nordic Metaverse Alliance – Webinar – Altinget konference.

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