About us

Think Tank Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning) is a leading politically independent Nordic think tank. For more than 25 years we have provided agenda setting thought leadership and innovative collaborative solutions to societal problems through independent research and solid analysis, professional networks and knowledge events, dissemination of new insights and innovation.

We put the big issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Nordic welfare societies and its citizens on the agenda, and we bring decisionmakers, experts and citizens themselves together to inspire and craft new ideas and solutions.

Our partners are all public, private, philanthropic, professional and voluntary organisations who are committed to deepen their understanding of the key challenges and opportunities facing the Nordic societies and its citizens, and to explore new paths and ambitious solutions to address them.

We are an integral part of the politically independent media and intelligence group Altinget / Mandag Morgen based in central Copenhagen and with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Bruxelles.

We focus in particular on nine major issues of significance to the Nordic societies and its citizens


Kindly direct any queries to director Jonas Keiding Lindholm or deputy director Christian Ingemann

Christian Ingemann
Udviklingschef og souschef