The Think Tank Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning in English) strives to change the world. In doing so, we recognize our role and responsibility in strengthening and influencing the public debate.

Through the creation of new knowledge, we want to improve democracy, to connect technology and humanity in a positive way and to help people understand the perspectives of the future and make them able to act where change is needed.

The think tank produces reports, analysis, events and workshops on topics such as welfare, democratic disruption, social policy, health and the future of the Danish labour market. We do this by engaging with a wide range of public, private, scientific, philanthropic and civil society organisations, with whom we share the ambition of changing the world.


The staff is constituted by a team of social and political scientists, all experienced in the field of providing high quality analytical tasks and project management. Furthermore, we have a team of highly competent moderators and facilitators to take the lead in large or small-scale debates, round table discussions, workshops etc.

Mandag Morgen – an independet mediahouse and think tank

The Think Tank is a part of Mandag Morgen Aps which also consists of the weekly publication, Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen, the fact checking site, TjekDet (“Check It” in English), and the digital technology media, MM Next.

Mandag Morgen is politically independent and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


If you want to know more please contact project director, Jonas Keiding Lindholm at jkl@mm.dk or +45 3393 9323