If we want Denmark to be the best country in the world for children to grow up in, we adults need to listen even more closely to our children. Even though we – compared to other countries – are good at consulting children, there are still far too many discussions and decisions about children’s lives being taken by adults. We are simply not doing enough to involve children. And we are thus missing out on crucial insights to ensure that we choose the right solutions. At Tænketanken Mandag Morgen and the LEGO Foundation, we believe there is a need to learn more about what the children themselves regard as being a good life.

This is why we commissioned the report The Good Life – according to children, which is the most comprehensive survey of children’s attitudes and values across all school-age children. The survey provides a unique and broad insight into Danish children’s experiences of and attitudes to what constitutes a good life for children across the various arenas in their lives: in the family, at school and after school – and both online and offline.

The survey provides a unique and broad insight into children’s perceptions of what constitutes a good life for children and is based on extensive quantitative and qualitative data material. It has been a clear priority to use several methodological approaches to capture children’s lives and represent children’s voices in as nuanced and effective a way as possible.

We have included children of all ages in grades 0-10 in the survey, collected 1,702 questionnaire responses, conducted 28 interviews, and received responses from 22 children participating in a mobile ethnographic study



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